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MovieAid is a mobile device based video editor that allows you to create a movie project from stored videos and photos in your phone/tablet. Allowing the user to manipulate various video transition effects and added subtitles, MovieAid paves a way to turn your stored videos and photos into a vivid movie. Creating a movie has never been easier, even in your phones.

★Want to edit a video, to mix images with videos, to merge multiple videos, and finally to create a movie of your own?

★Want to import photos from your phones/tablets and turn them into a video by utilizing various image/video transition effects, text subtitles and background music?

★Want to suppress the noise from your original video and to replace the noise with one or multiple music clips, even adding your narrative voice recording?

★Want to superimpose text messages to the video at specific time points of specified displaying time lengths?

★Want to upload your movie project to YouTube to be shared with your friends?

★Want to turn a shared photo album in Picasa to a shared video in YouTube with movie effects?

MovieAid can help you do all these, and do that simply and easily.


•Tap to import or add video/image/subtitle/audio

•Support multiple images/video clips and multiple audio clips editing


✓Select transition effects & speeds, background colors.

✓Drag to position, pinch to zoom

✓Drag to trim video

•Title Page

✓Select font, text color, and background color.

✓Drag to position text


✓Select font, text color, and background color.

✓Drag to position,

✓Pinch to increase/decrease font size.


✓Drag to trim

✓Merge audio clips.

✓Voice recording


✓Instant preview

✓Specify the output movie size and frame rate

✓Export to mp4 video

✓Upload to YouTube

✓Bridge Picasa/Flickr to YouTube

How to Use:

•Tap to import video/image/title page/subtitle

•Double tap to modify video/image/title page/subtitle/audio properties

•If you experience any problems on movie preview or export, please disable hardware acceleration and retry. You can do it on the movie settings page

•Please note: with the free version you can only export short movies(less than 60s). You may upgrade to pro version to remove this restriction.


Please contact support team at any issues or suggestions that you have. Thank you! -



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